Farm - Desert ChemicalSince 1979 Desert Chemical, Inc. has been exemplified by excellent service and products. Though available to all agriculturists in the contiguous United States, Desert Chemical specializes in the western United States and Mexico. By doing this, they are able to offer the best support and prices to their customers. Sales Manager Jordan John is fluent in Spanish and can communicate with customers in any region. Company President Marvin John prides himself on always being competitive in value and accessibility to growers. Unique to Desert Chemical, they test new products and technologies on their own farm ground. This allows them to see firsthand the impacts and improvements that can be expected. By not relying on product literature they are able to view the results up close and share their knowledge with their clients.

In 2013, the subsidiary company Desert Drip was formed. This division focuses on subsurface irrigation installation, maintenance, and parts. Later, in 2016 Desert Drip partnered with Valley Pivots to provide another irrigation option to our growers.  Desert Drip has most components in stock for many types of irrigation systems.